Performance and quality characteristics of carpet vary more widely than that of other flooring materials. Our knowledge, experience, and selection process assure matching the right product to your carpet performance needs, including how much foot traffic (human and pets) it will receive, style and design, comfort underfoot, maintenance, and budget.

Buying tips for carpet


This is one of the most important factors when selecting carpet and affects the number of years of performance and resistance to crushing or flattening. Carpet cushion influences the quietness, resilience, cleaning, insulation, and feel underfoot. Some carpet warranties vary based on the grade of cushion you select.

Fiber twist

As tempting as it may be, we won’t let you go by feel alone! A tighter twisted fiber may not feel as soft, but will resist soiling, matting, and crushing. Based on your lifestyle and performance requirements, we’ll help you select a product that offers a balance of comfort with performance.

Fiber type

Carpet comes in wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and includes environmentally friendly recycled options. Each fiber has unique characteristics to be considered so the right match is made for your requirements.

Compare labels

We will help you navigate stain resistance, wear, and anti-static warranties, as well as type of fiber, face weight, density, and twist.