Other Products


We love the rustic, on-trend look of shiplap wood panels for your walls! This can be a fun do-it-yourself project that is easy to install (just peel and stick), and provides an immediate and gratifying update to your space.

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Furniture Linoleum

Furniture Linoleum is a natural surfacing material that offers a practical and fun design touch for desks, chairs, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. The matte surface and soft texture make it a unique furniture surfacing solution.

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Installation Products

All installation products are not the same and are critical to the integrity of your flooring project. We also stay up to date on advancements in these products to ensure we are using the best product for the job. All of our installations are warrantied, and we have curated a collection of installation products that we stand by and will serve you well.

Cleaning & Maintenance Products

We want your flooring to look beautiful for years to come. We will recommend the appropriate products for cleaning and maintenance, so you avoid some common pitfalls when it comes to maintaining and protecting your new flooring. We also have some great tips to share about how to handle any spills, accidents and messes that are part of everyday life, so you don’t worry and stress!