Wood Flooring

The right type of wood flooring for your home or business depends on a number of considerations, including where it will be installed, existing subflooring, amount of foot traffic, presence of children and pets, décor style, and budget.

We guide you in evaluating solid versus engineered wood products. From a design standpoint, we look at factors such as wood species, grade, color, board width, finish, and direction in which it will be installed. We offer free design service, expertise in product selection, precise measuring, and warrantied installation. Our consultation process will result in choices that compliment your space, meet your needs and budget. Check out Karen’s Pro Tips for more information and inspiration!

Buying tips for wood flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring adds character, enduring durability, beauty, and value to your home. We represent manufacturers who take great pride in the stability, consistent color, and refined grain of their products. Sustainability practices and eco-friendly finishes are also important to us, and we promote manufacturers whose products come from certified green, self-renewing sources.

The most often question we are asked is about factory finish vs. a custom sand and finish onsite. The answer is…. you should feel comfortable with either choice! Both factory finishes and onsite finishes are available in either a matte or high gloss finish.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered products have come a long way, and boldly go where no solid hardwood floor dared to go! These products can be installed directly on a slab or in your basement without a special subfloor system. You can enjoy real hardwood in areas of your home where thicker wood would be challenging to use. Or use it throughout your home without the worries and expense of solid wood.

A special cross-ply construction eliminates the problem of expansion and contraction.

The durable finish means you won’t need to re-sand and finish these products, just re-coat unless you need to change the color.

It withstands moisture, temperature, and humidity changes, and stands up to everyday use.