Eco Friendly Flooring

Going green made easy!
Many manufacturers have moved in an environmentally responsible direction, and we are proud to offer a broad selection of green flooring products including Linoleum, Cork, Wool, and Sisal. We have devoted many, many hours to educating ourselves so that we can provide you with expert advice, and the best in natural, sustainable, and low carbon footprint options.

Buying tips for eco friendly flooring


Linoleum was patented in the 1860s and has never gone out of style! It is fabricated from renewable materials including tree resins, recycled wood flour, linseed oil, cork dust, and mineral pigments, and mounted on a canvas or jute backing. This makes linoleum easy to recycle, and it’s biodegradable, too!

Cork Flooring

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, natural option, cork is an excellent choice! Cork can be harvested from a tree without damaging the tree or stunting its growth. This makes cork the most naturally renewable resource for flooring. It is also bio-degradable and recyclable. There are a surprising number of textures and designs from which to choose. Small granules give your floor that traditional cork flooring look that is universally appealing. A peeled cork texture gives it a beautiful natural look. Use plank-shaped cork if you are installing over existing flooring but use tile-shaped if it needs to be glued down. We can help you determine which option is best.

Eco Friendly Carpet & Rugs

If you are looking for green options in soft flooring, we can show you a variety of wool, jute, and sisal products.

Wool carpet and rugs actually purify indoor air, help maintain optimum temperature and moisture levels, balance noise in the room, are naturally flame resistant, and feel wonderful underfoot.

Jute and sisal are natural, green fibers and come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns, are sustainable and biodegradable.

Options abound, and we will walk you through them and provide recommendations best suited for your project, lifestyle, and environmental concerns and needs.